Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Potting Bench Tablescape

Hi, my name is Michelle and I love to do tablescapes.
It's been a while though, such a long while, this is the first this year....
Here in Missouri the weather is still quite warm with slightly chilly mornings. The leaves have not started turning yet, so I didn't do a full on Fall tablescape, just a hint of the season to come.
I took advantage of the warm, slightly overcast day to photograph outside on my table, the table that I have yet to find any chairs for. I'm still working on it.
Let's talk about the centerpiece first. It's a big table, so a big centerpiece is in order, but a lot of the elements can certainly be used on a smaller scale to fit any table.

I used standard terra cotta pots, a 12" and a 10", each with a cylinder vase, that you've seen me use, oh, about a kajillion times. But darn it, I just love them. I also used some broken pieces of terra cotta to lay on the table as well.

 To soften the edge where glass meets terra cotta, I used lichen (aka reindeer moss) in a BRIGHT green. I think they sell this type at craft stores, but I found this bright green at saveoncrafts.com. It comes in nice big bags too. Some moss is nestled along the broken pieces of terra cotta too then berries and pumpkins tucked in. Finally, grapevine circles around everything, sort of a halo effect.

 The napkins (Home Goods) tucked in a vintage walnut napkin ring and my Mother's flatware.
Now here is a question. Can you Mix vintage Mikasa and Dollar Tree plates together? Yes! The crackle Mikasa salad plates really help the cheap inexpensive rusty orange plates have some class. :) 

 Charger/placemat (I can't decide which) from Pier One. Glassware from Nell Hill's.

 Isn't the green and orange great?
 I didn't use a tablecloth or anything, I really like the old rustic wood to show and it plays off the color of the grapevine
 I hope you are inspired to create your own "Potting Bench" tablescape!
Joining Layla at The Lettered Cottage

Thank you for the comments (and emails) yesterday on my health update, you guys are so supportive and are really helping me, thank you!



  1. Very pretty! Love the bright green moss!

  2. This is just beautiful! You truly have an eye for tablescapes. I need you to come to my house!!!

    I am continuing to pray for your health. You seem to have such a positive attitude. I am sure that will help speed your recovery. Take care!!!

  3. It is beautiful. Love the terra cotta.

  4. Beautiful, as always. I've been getting regular updates from your sister, but I missed seeing her when she was here last b/c I worked so late. I need to go read your post. Sending you prayers. xxoo

  5. so pretty. just my style - rustic and beautiful. my favorite part, the moss peeking out.

  6. Michelle, this is really pretty! I love all of the different elements that you brought together.

  7. Beautiful! Love the green reindeer moss. I think I've even seen it at Dollar Tree stores.

  8. your tablescape is just beautiful!

  9. OMG! I love all of this tablescape. Every single bit. Wow. And especially how you corralled it with the grapevine circles. Carol

  10. I love outdoor tables and this one is gorgeous, Michelle!

  11. Your tablescape looks wonderful, very inviting. I admire your spirit, we will continue to pray for your health.

  12. Hello Michelle! You are our amazing inspiration. What a talent you have. I love the moss and grapevines and terracotta. I do have one grapevine I should try to keep for days as this. I pray in Jesus name for total healing. You are young. God is still using you to encourage us! I know yes I know days are not easy. And you have the right to be tired, even mad about it! But for this second in time, your post comforted me. You are so important to some stranger you've never met! Pray that first grader is learning to write a sentence and express his thoughts and ideas through writing like his Mommy does. Cool huh?
    Love and prayer for you,
    A once was a first grade teacher

  13. Your tablescape is lovely! I adore those chargers from Pier One!! So pretty! The centerpiece is beautiful as well!

  14. This is classic Michelle fantasticness! You amaze me with your energy in spite of dealing with chemo. We are all still pulling for you, and believing that you will find the right avenue to fight this! I hope it brings you happiness to know how much you continue to inspire us all :))
    Lots of love, Andrea

  15. what a truly beautiful table!
    I pinned it for future inspiration...I love that you used terra-cotta pots. Note to self!

  16. Michelle, your table is stunning. Love the idea of the centerpiece. May I have permission to pin a photo from this post?
    I like the idea of using the terra-cotta pots with the glass and the moss. Very nice! ~ sarah

  17. Hi Michelle! I love this! Beautiful, yet so natural and simple. Love your creativity! Regards, Thea

  18. Love all of your designs. Thank you so much for sharing.

  19. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I am so touched by your comments, thank you!

    Sarah, I don't mind if you pin at all!

  20. I absolutely LOVE your tablescape! I shared it over on my blog today. I would love for you to stop by sometime. Thanks for being such an inspiration!




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