Thursday, February 7, 2013

Little Black Dresser

 Now, I can imagine that if you read blogs long enough, that a simple paint job transforming an old piece of furniture is, frankly, getting old (so I hope you find this interesting). But for me, I never tire of spying a piece of furniture in it's current run-down form and imagine what it could be. Deciding what approach to take, what color, what sheen, should I replace the hardware? Questions and decisions circle feverishly in my head until I decide.

 Sometimes it's a quick process, sometimes it's slow, but above all, I let the piece tell me what to do.This dresser clearly has good form, nice lines and in fairly good condition. Since the finish is outdated and the top is covered in cigarette burns, I ultimately decided on paint.
 Because of it's fantastic shape, it really said regency to me...which in turn calls for a classic color, so I settled on black. Again, just your normal paint job with black I had on hand and a thin layer of polyurethane for some added shine.
 For the handles, I considered replacing them, but why? They are certainly in scale with the dresser....I just had to come up with a technique to make them stand out.
 First, I painted them black and let them dry. Next, I used a painter's brush (one of my gnarly ones) and Rub-N-Buff  to get a gold tone over the black.
 It was just what it needed. A good solid color, a lot of shine and a little glam.
This one almost stayed home with me but alas, it's available for sale in my booth. Sigh.
I'll be showing you some more of my booth in the coming days and show you how I've incorporated the color of the year: Emerald. Talk to you soon!

Thank you for commenting on my return to blogging. I had chemo on Monday with the new regimen. I have been down and out for several days so much so my dear MIL had to keep Logan for me....I just couldn't move. That's to be expected I suppose since it's a new drug and my body has to get use to it.  Luckily, no vomiting, knock on wood. Knock.Knock.Knock.



  1. OMG Michelle it looks beautiful!!! A knockout piece… .and I love the handles! Ingenious! I'm on the lookout for a piece like that for my master bedroom…P.S. I'm knocking on wood for you too. Sending lots of love and well wishes your way…xx Rani

  2. This dresser turned out wonderfully! I am terrible at refinishing furniture. I can never get the paint on right.
    Hope your treatments go smoothly and it gets easier for you, your in our prayers.

  3. Beautiful piece, very classic. It would look great in my sister's house. Glad to hear the chemo isn't making you sicker. Hope you're feeling better soon. Prayers!

  4. gorgeous! I love the details on the handles as well. Missed you and cannot wait to be inspired from pictures of your booth!

  5. It's really beautiful! looks like a totally different piece:) so happy you are back, I miss being inspired by you!

  6. So great to see you back, Michelle! The dresser is fab, you really know how to turn an ugly duckling into a swan! Feel well and take care of yourself,
    xoxo, Andrea

  7. I would have passed that thing right by at the Goodwill. Now that you put your stamp on it...I WANT it!

  8. the dresser is beautiful michelle but more importantly it's soooo good to see you back! you are one of my heros.

  9. OHHHHHH! I wish I lived nearby so I could snatch up that marvelous dresser, and give you a hug, too. So glad you're back, sorry you're having a tough week. You're an inspiration both creatively and spiritually <3

    xo Dana

  10. Michelle: I love the dresser! It looks really great!!! I hope that your body quickly adjusts to your new treatment and that it's not too terrible for you. Sending good thoughts your way! Tricia

  11. This is stunning.. what a terrific transformation..

    Sending loving thoughts your way.. hope the treatment is't too difficult.

  12. Beautiful. I will stop by the booth to check it out this weekend (I was the one who met you while you were working on it several weeks ago).

    My friend Kelly actually started her first round of chemo last Monday in Joplin as well. I'm sure you may cross paths at some point. Sending both of you my prayers as you continue your treatments.

  13. Another great piece! Sending prayers for your treatment.

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