Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY Starfish Art

Since Summer is quickly approaching, this project would be a great way to add a beachy feel to your decor. A really easy technique that can be accomplished with any variety of starfish and of course any size frame. Also, I chose burlap for the background, but you could use any cloth you like.

This frame was a steal at the thrift store and I grabbed it up because 1.) It is a great size, 2.) Came with matting, and 3.) Has a great paintable frame in a style I like.

I found this bad of starfish at TJ Maxx and I grabbed it up thinking I would use them for bowl fillers, but then this art project came to mind-luckily, they was enough left over to do both.
First, I spray painted the frame in a glossy black, then proceeded to do a dry run with the starfish. Keep in mind to use starfish close in size for a nice uniform look.
I decided to use burlap in the background, so after finding the perfect starfish, I used Mod Podge to adhere the burlap to the foam core that came with the frame. You can also use spray adhesive......
...just remember to cut your cloth bigger than the matting.
Finally, with a glue gun, glue down the starfish. It will depend on the size frame you find or have, but 6 is what I used and it wasn't too crowded. I tucked a couple of vintage postcards under the matting, but you can use pictures, or leave it without...since the glass isn't there, why not stick some extra memorabilia in there! Completely optional.
I figure I will use the glass in a different project, the glass that came in the frame isn't used with this project-unless you use a shadow box style frame, which would look great too.
Such an easy project! You can have this done under an hour...depending on the spray paint you use. ;)

I am getting chemo this morning, so I will talk to you much later. Hope you will give this project a try! Happy Summer!


  1. I love the project. I will have to try something like it. Good luck today! Sending prays for you.

  2. Good luck with your chemo, you're in my prayers. This project is really cute, but I'm loving the basket on the dresser. Where did you get it?

  3. Great project! That would sell for a lot in a decorating store. Good luck with your chemo--sending prayers. :)

  4. I love that! Such an easy thing to do, but looks awesome! Prayers for you as you have your treatment tomorrow.

  5. the perfect project for Summer! My thoughts are with you during your treatment, take care :)

  6. Love it! Hope the chemo appointment goes well.

  7. LOVE it. I need to find some shells and create this for my bathroom. I talked to Klair yesterday, and I am praying for you girl. Praying and praying and praying. I can't wait to finally meet you your next trip down. (at Kailee's prom) Finally!!! Have a safe trip back to NC and see you soon! xxoo

  8. Such a beautiful project! Best of luck today at your appointment.

  9. great project, i want to do something like that with shells or maybe seaglass.

    Hope everything went well...

  10. What a great piece of summer art! Thanks for sharing!!
    I pinned this project!

  11. This is such a fantastic project! I love the mix of textures with the burlap and the starfish - so natural and pretty! I included your project in my roundup of DIY Starfish Decorations posted on my blog today. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration! :)

  12. I've been on your site all morning pinning things. I love shells and love this project. I love that it's easy too! You are so talented and an inspiration not only because of your creativity, but because of your fighting spirit against cancer.

  13. Wow... Great Project, I will have to try something like it.


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