Friday, October 5, 2012

31 Days With ME: Bluegrass Festival

 It's Friday! Day 5 of my 31 Day Series. Welcome.

One of the reason I love the fall time is because of the festivals. I think there is one every single weekend! This one was a Bluegrass Festival in Carl Junction MO, which we had never been to. However, I have recently become interested in bluegrass music. Not country music, but bluegrass....I know there is a thin line. This is how the recent interest came about. I sat down and turned the TV on one evening and it was a one of the public stations, and Austin City Limits was on. Now I don't typically watch that show, but who I saw on stage kept me from changing the channel. Guess who it was. That's right. Steve Martin! I had NO idea that he played the banjo, I mean I think I vaguely remember something from his stand-up days, but I just didn't know. He plays with the Steep Canyon Rangers. I sat there and watched in amazement how great Steve Martin is and how much I was enjoying this Bluegrass Music. Ok, I'm getting a little carried away...SO when I heard that there was a festival going on in my area, we made some plans. Like I said, we had never been, so I didn't know what to expect, but there were lots of different craft/handmade vendors, food vendors, a car show, a petting zoo, and a bouncy house...with the sound of bluegrass wafting through the air the whole time from live bands playing throughout the day.

Let the petting commence.

Sometimes petting zoos (and aquariums) make me sad, poor things. I know I'm weird.

The car show was great. For some unknown reason, I am a car buff....I like the old ones, mostly the 50's, 60's and 70's. Keegan and I quiz each other on the year before looking at the placard in the windshield...he's a car buff too.
 Here's me with my GTO ;)

Fall. It's Festival season and I love it.



  1. I love Fall.....I'm hoping for a very long fall season, until the week before Christmas would be nice. You look great!

  2. I completely agree with you that's why I love fall so much also! There's always something going on:) I've never been to a bluegrass festival before, but it sounds like it would be a blast!

  3. Petting zoos make me feel sad too...I just want the animals to run free! :)


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