Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days With ME: The People That Inspire Me

Wow, was yesterday fun or what? I threw out there 25 things about myself and I asked for one from you and you guys delivered! I absolutely loved reading your responses, your quirks, is amazing the commonalities and I'm glad I am not alone in my quirkiness (and yeah for Gemini's! :) Thank you for trusting me with your thoughts.
Today is day 7 of my series, and honestly this is about what I do in an entire month so far this year! My average anyway. 24 more days, guys....are you sick of me yet?

 I wanted to title this post: "The People That Inspire Me But I Don't Really Know In Real Life But Wish I Did", but that was just too long. The blog world can offer so, so, so much inspiration and I wanted to share with you some of the women that I really admire. Not only in their design styles, but the way they write as well. 

Jenny, I know everyone loves her, and I do as well. Her style is amazing and she is so open and sharing.
Angela, I love her. Her style and the way she writes, it's a great mix.

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. How do you do it? Jamie Meares has SUCH a way with mixing patterns, it's unbelievable! I so aspire for that gift. I went to her store Furbish  in Raleigh NC the last time I was home, just as amazing.
Emily, I know she is on TV, but she writes a blog and she's funny in sarcastically ironic way, my favorite, second only to dry humor. She has great style and I would love to go shopping with her for just one day.

These are some amazing women and hope you already know them.

So who offers you the most inspiration in the big, big world of blog? I'd love to know.



  1. You really inspire me,Michelle. Your decorating is some of the best on the web, your blog is always great to read and your honesty on your health struggle is beyond inspiring.


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