Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days With ME: War Eagle And Beaver Lake

 Oh. My. Word. Whose idea was it to go to War Eagle Craft Festival right after 5 days of chemo??? Oh, mine? What was I thinking. First, let's delve into the 5 days prior. Chemo. New drug...a lot easier than my last regimen AND only 3 three hours a day! Noticeable difference? FATIGUE! Lord help me. I was/am so tired. I would run down my daily schedule, but it's so pathetic. Basically, doing whatever the kids need....food, homework, etc...and I slept for the rest of the time. I was tired during the last regimen, but this is twice as bad. Good news? I only took one nausea pill the whole week, pretty heavy nausea meds went in with chemo, and it did a good job. I didn't get sick (vomiting) even once. Thank the Lord.
So I get done with my 5 days and I rest on Saturday and despite the chemo, we headed to War Eagle on Sunday. It's a massively huge craft fair that was even bigger than I remember. It's held at the War Eagle Grist Mill in Rogers, Arkansas. 

 There were soooooo many vendors, I barely took any pictures at all, it was just all so overwhelming. I definitely didn't bring my A game....or even my B game. I think I brought my F game, we didn't make it through the whole festival because of how I was feeling.
 I think these spoon flowers are neat.

I wore 'my hair' as Logan likes to call it.... "You're wearing your hair Mom!"...you know, like it's a choice that I've made or something! He's so cute. I also wore a hat, just in case my hair needed to come off (which it did).

Keegan and his girlfriend on the bridge. Am I the only mother that grimaces at the thought of her son dating??? When the time comes, I'm not going to make a good mother-in-law at all.
The festival ended around 4 and we head back down the winding road and stop off at War Eagle Caverns, which I did not have the energy to hike. So I rocked in a rocking chair while the kids went through the 'Lost in the Woods' maze, which they loved. 
Is the color on this tree not fantastic? God is so amazing.
After the caverns, we stopped off at Beaver Lake. To just walk around and explore and enjoy the view. There was hardly any people there at all and I actually liked it better here than around the crowds at the festival. Everybody skipping stones, except for me, I'm really bad at that. It comes really close to the being athletic realm and that, I am not.

We did get one pouter in the group...:) I forgot what he was mad about, but he sat on that stone til he got over it!
Me and my boys, and without my hair. :)

It was a beautiful ending to a great day and we all fell into our beds upon arriving home...especially me. I was beyond tired.

Have you ever been to War Eagle Craft Festival? Did you have a good time?



  1. Sadly, those kind of fairs do not exist in Guatemala. Oh wait!... local handicraft by natives of the country... yep, then I've been to a couple :O) Surely, pretty different to what you experienced over the weekend, but equally pretty. I enjoy the candy the most :o) exquisite!
    Glad you had a lovely day! Exhausting, but lovely. Love your green sweater!
    Stay strong!

  2. I'm so happy to hear from you regarding your latest chemo. So happy to know it's not making you horribly nauseous too. Love the images of the festival. I've never been to that festival or Arkansas, sadly, I admit it. However, it looked like a lot of fun and I do love grist mills. Love your hair. It looks very similar to your natural hair color. Love the thoughts on your son dating. That's funny. I don't know what I'd do. Hope a good week Michelle. Carol

  3. Hello Michelle, I don't have much time for blogging anymore but I occassionally try to catch up on my saved favorite blogs. I just finished reading your last few posts and I had to take a moment to tell you that I think you are AMAZING!!! You are what courage is all about. You are what living life to the fullest is all about. What an inspiration you must be to your family and everyone in your life. Sending you a huge hug and many prayers for a full recovery. Thank you for sharing yourself with so many people. It is an honor to get to know you through your blog. Sincerely, Colleen

  4. I'm so glad to hear that you didn't have the really bad nausea this time! What a blessing!
    The color on those trees is amazing! What a beautiful place to visit!

  5. You really look great for just having Chemo. Getting away was probably really good for your moral. It got you out of the house away from "thinking." You live in beautiful country! I'm glad you enjoyed the beauty. God is good and has given us so much. I hope this round of chemo works for you. I think about you often! Sending hugs your way.

  6. I have never been, but I bet it is wonderful. What a beautiful setting. When Klair told me you had gone I was like WHAT???? :) But, I bet it still felt good to get out and have some fresh air and be with your boys. And as for being a MIL, I hope you are just as blessed as I am to have the most amazing DIL like I do, that one day blesses you with beautiful grandchildren to love and spoil. :) xxoo

  7. So glad you are back! How can you be so inspiring when you are so tired? You are amazing. Hang in there!

  8. You look great! I like the hat. I hate crowds, I get panic attacks I have to make myself do crowds on a limited base. I'm glad to see you with your family and out in the sun and enjoying the day with them. My son is 22 and I'm not ready for another women in his life. Happy Halloween!

  9. Michelle = I did the War Eagle show for several years. It is overwhelming, I do fabric items and it just got to where the weather was ruining my stuff = it was always so damp and wet early in the mornings and the fabric just kinda got limp. But, I still love to go there. We went over that direction on Saturday but ran into so many flea markets and antique shows that we only did two craft shows - one in Springdale and one in Bentonville. It was fun and a beautiful day.

    Speaking of beautiful = you look great with a hat on.


  10. I'm glad you got to get out, and get CHEMO off your mind. I hope you are feeling better now too. XO, Pinky

  11. I just love, love, love coming here and checking in on you. You are such an inspiration to me sweet girl. I can't accomplish half of what you do, and I'm not even sick. I love it when you have good days and can enjoy the blessings of God's beautiful world. He is the most creative of all, isn't he?

    Continued blessings to you.

    Gloria in Virginia

  12. I used to live in Rogers so I've been to that festival several times. I am amazed by your strength! I'm glad you got to go.
    Btw, some chiropractors can help with neuropathy. It might be worth checking into.

  13. I found your blog today on a whim... a photo someone had posted on FB and I am so incredibly glad to have found you. You see my husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I'm having some issues dealing {to say the least} His brain tumor was just removed this past Tuesday and Glory to God, he is awake and doing well...

    Why I find you so inspirational and am glad to have found your blog???
    You are living with cancer and are managing to LIVE your life! I hope that one day soon I too can get back to work {I know I'm not even the one sick with cancer or chemo} You are my hero of the week, other than my hubby! God Bless and I pray that you are feeling well today... you will be in my prayers.


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