Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Field Trip: Antique Row of St. Louis

Have you been to Cherokee Antique Row? While shopping in St Louis this past weekend, my MIL and I stumbled upon 6 blocks of shop after shop of antique shops, diners, cafes and vintage clothing stores. A second hand lovers (such as myself) dream street.

We parked the car and just walked (really fast, it was snowing and freezing cold!) to each store that held the promise of my next "find".

This was probably the best antique shop I've been in of late. Some really amazing pieces of furniture....consoles, buffets, tables, chairs, china hutches...whoever the buyer is has a great eye and style. While most of it was not in my taste, I can still see the value of everything selected for the shop and I was really left wondering where was it all found! It makes it easy though to have it all in one location and if you were searching for a particular piece, I bet you would find it here. I fell in love with a blown glass chandy and a pair of chairs, neither of which came home with me, maybe next time. ;)

I was also in heaven when we entered A Light Above, a spectacular collection of stunning chandeliers from every era imaginable. Any style, finish and size could be found here, oh and sconces and mirrors too, all vintage, all divine.

China Find, a source for dishaholics everywhere. Sets of dinnerware galore from the 1940's through today...Lenox, Noritake, you name it, they had it. I loved this vintage green glass.

The Purple Cow, yes you read it right, that's the name of this next store, I loved this mid-century beauty:I love this iconic chair too, I was totally channeling my inner Kelly Wearstler!
This vintage boutique specialized in mid-century, it was probably my favorite, with all the retro goods.

We had fun on Antique Row, so next time you are in St. Louis, be sure to check it out!

Tomorrow, I will be showing you some easy DIY Artwork, you are gonna love it!


  1. Really cool, makes me want to plan a day trip now!

  2. I live in St. Louis and used to frequent Cherokee Street all the time, it's harder now with my two year old...I can't afford to buy all the items I'm sure she would break! :)

    -Aaron {the girl with the boy's name}

  3. We aren't far from St. Louis but I didn't know about this area. We are going down for a couple days in May...wonder if I can interest my daughter in a few hours here?? She tends to like the malls and museums when she is home to visit.

  4. I've always wanted to go to Cherokee Street but I live an hour away and wasn't sure it was worth the trip. I think I'll definitely have to make time for it. Maybe get some Mexican food nearby too. Great post!

  5. Looks like a great time. I used to go antiquing once a week, by myself, for hours. It was truly special "me" time. I have a wonderful collection of milk glass that I actually use as often as possible. I might have to sneak away and do some trolling at an antique mall.

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