Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Whatever Wednesday: I Heart Ikea

Ikea. I know this store is not for everyone, but for me, I was in total Swedish Mod heaven. Between the names of designer I couldn't pronounce and the $1.99 breakfast....what's not to love?

(IKEA , Ingvar Kamprad, Founder, Elmtaryd, Farm where Ingvar grew up, Agunnaryd, Ingvar's home parrish in Sweden)

This was the first time I have ever been to Ikea. I have drooled over their website for years (why do they not sell more online?), so when I was in Texas this past weekend, my MIL and I made a mad dash to Ikea.

We got there right when they opened, I walked in slowly just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Even on the escalator on the way up, I was humming the theme song to Superman, it's the only theme song I could think of at the time, though somehow appropriate. Maybe cause I'm a super shopper.
I was especially interest in the, well you can probably guess, dinnerware, linens, and lighting. Prior to going, I made a list (from the website) of what I wanted to look at and I went home with several pillow covers and a throw. Love all this color!
Stacked out warehouse style, they don't do much merchandising on the Marketplace floor, but they do a little more on the Showroom floor.
Look at all the colorful bath towels and so affordable.

I loved all the colorful glass vases and the fun shapes.

I had no idea Ikea had a floral department, lots of containers and vases. They have live plants as well.

On the Showroom floor is where the furniture is displayed. Fun loungers, look at that fun donut stool.

I wish we had had room in the car for a couple of these....59.99 is the affordable price tag and I know the kids would love these!

Barrel chair and bucket seats, I really liked the little cowhide stool.

Wish we had had room for one of these too.

I didn't spend much time in the kitchen design area, but I did like these bar stools.

I like these parsons chairs, cute fabric.

Groovy office chair!!

The next time I am close to an Ikea, I am definitely going again (with a trailer!)
I'll show you everything I bought later!
So how about you, do you heart Ikea or no?


  1. I *heart* IKEA, too! And, would make weekend trips there when we lived in Northern VA. I miss not having one close ... and, seeing your pics makes me misses it even more. Look forward to seeing what you came home with! *Becca*

  2. I love Ikea myself.....its great for fabric and curtains and lighting its affordable. The only thing is I love there affordable furniture but not all of it is made to last. They do have a great selection of vases and flower pots.

  3. I am obsessed with IKEA!!! It is definitely an experience to shop there. I can't wait to go back!

  4. Are there people who don't love Ikea?How could this be possible?!!!Always worth a trip even if only for Swedish meatballs with Lingonberry sauce and a package of cinnamon buns to take home for breakfast the next day.

  5. Yep, I ♥ IKEA and miss the days that I lived 10 mins away (although now it's only 30, but still ☺)

  6. Big Huge Question for you Michelle...
    Were you at the DALLAS (Frisco), Texas IKEA this weekend?
    If so, we were both there and must have missed each other! My mom and I drove down (6 hours) from Northwest Arkansas, and it was my first trip there too!
    We took an SUV and loaded up - everything from furniture to linens to bathroom sinks and faucets. I guess I've been subconsciously making IKEA lists in my head for years, waiting for the chance to go!

    I wrote a little about our trip here:

    And am using some of our finds in my bathroom makeover (in progress) here:

    Love your blog and that we were both experiencing the wonder of IKEA on the same day!
    :) Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  7. I like Ikea, the overall look just doesn't blend with my decorating style. Furniture quality is also iffy. It looks good, is inexpensive, but the stuff isn't for the long haul. Overall, though, a good resource for many people and I can usually spend at least $60 there on kitchen supplies and stuff for the kids!

  8. We don't have an Ikea where I live either, but everytime we go visit my dad in Az. we take a trip to Ikea. I get thier catalog and have a list ready. Then I buy as much as I can fit it our car! :)

  9. I've only been to Ikea once. The one by the Mall of America in Minneapolis. My mom and I stopped in and 4 hours later we finally left! I have been wanting to return forever but it's many hours away from me.

  10. this blog post reminded me of one that I did like it not too long ago.

    I adore Ikea. We are trying to move back closer to home and I REALLY hope we have one close to wherever we end up.

  11. Gald you got to go! My girlfriends and I always joke with my hubby about taking a moving truck to load up. He doesn't think it's funny, but I do. What did you end up buying?
    Hope to get back soon to purchase some Ektorp furniture and get rid of the brown, puffy leather :)
    Have a great day! Thanks for sharing

  12. We (my husband & I) LOVE Ikea! We don't have one in our area - yet - it's due to open in the fall. DH & I have already planned a day to go explore...get there early, have breakfast, look around, have lunch, look around some more. The only problem is, he won't let us take his truck for fear that I'll load it up!

  13. Love love Ikea! I try to make a stop everytime I visit my parents in Houston.

  14. I do like Ikea, but I have only been once. My sweet husband took me to the one in Orlando for my 30th birthday. I also should have taken a trailer.

  15. Lucky you! You have made me want to go there now. We have one close by, so I am lucky to be able to go browse their stuff. And their cafeteria is pretty good too. I think that no matter what your decorating style is, you can always find something there to incorporate into a room. Like those vases, who couldn't use those? Can't wait to see what you bought.

  16. LOVE IKEA... we just remodeled our kitchen with IKEA Lidingo cabinets and all the great organizers. Then last week we went back and bought a buffet for the breakfast nook and a media cabinet for the family room. I think I'm done with the big items for now but will definitely keep them on my list of places to shop!

  17. I loooove Ikea! and the best food! I am always packed like a donkey when I leave there!

  18. My husband took on IKEA as a PT job while planning our wedding... I was in heaven. The discount and the variety were awesome. Sad the day he left... but I still drag him in there quite often.


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