Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Links

Here's to a beautiful weekend! I am going to be out of town this weekend so you'll have to do some window shopping without me. Here are some things that have caught my eye lately.

Although not a bad price, this chest could be an easy DIY project if you found the right piece.

Wycliff Chest, Pier 1

I am sorry, but these are too fun! Sliced bread anyone? :) These 'slices' are made out of cork and can be used as coasters and trivets, fun!! From the MoMA Store

I may have to break down and buy some of these lanterns, you know how much I love orange!

These salad plates are so fun, I can see a lot of use for these, love the yellow ones below too.

I hope you have a great weekend. Please don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway while you are here, I will be announcing a winner on Monday, it could be you!

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  1. Love the bread coasters ... too cute! The vibrant lantern and colorful plates are fun, too! Have a great weekend, Becca

  2. Love those bread coasters...HMMMMMM

  3. The orange lanterns are awesome, I actually found similar ones at the dollar store!! I made a table scape with them:


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