Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Works For Me Tuesday: Tabouret Stools

So here it is the first of March, doesn't that sound strange? I am beginning to feel the tugs of spring, the weather is becoming more tolerable and I see some growing activity in my flower beds, oh, the anticipation! Grow babies grow! It seems like forever since it's been warm....
While out shopping at Michael's the other day, I spied these cute little butterfly votives (my MIL bought them for me, thank you!), I usually don't like the accessories at Michael's, but they were just way too cute to pass up!

So onto " It works for me Tuesday"...

The Tabouret stool, a knock-off of the iconic Tolix stool, (I wish there was a nicer word/phrase for knock-off...), this affordable alternative found here. I ordered a couple for the kitchen to add a little more retro flavor-flav. I'm working on adding even more detail to the Kitchen Facelift, as budget allows and these fit the bill. I couldn't pass these up, and I'll just pretend, they are under the new counter tops that I don't have.:)

I like the metallic ones too.

The black is great as well.

I love the white and even without a counter overhang, everyone in the family uses them. I love the powder coat finish and they are steel, so I know they will last. They have a handle and easily stack too. They are a little chilly on the bottom in the morning, so make sure you've got thick pj's on. :)

So, if you are looking to add a little industrial vibe to your kitchen, I recommend these for sure.

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  1. I agree, I was on the hunt for bar stools and these were the ones I wanted!! My husband didnt like them....boo! Love your white stools.

  2. Love those stools. We have somewhat of a 'bar' [it's small and is raised higher than the counter, on our island] however the positioning between that and the loveseat from the living room would make it look awkward, but I could totally use these stools for the counter/bench in my studio! They look fabulous :)

  3. Michael's actually has some really pretty spring decor this year! I love using touches with birds and butterflies for spring {without going crazy and making it look "themey"} Your stools look great! Lisa

  4. Michelle,
    Excellent stools!
    Dee dee

  5. I love your kitchen makeover and it has me thinking about painting our kitchen cabinets. Your new bar stools are super cute and look very kid friendly. Thanks for sharing your decor ideas!

  6. Don't you just love it when you find what you want and save money doing it? Great find!

  7. I have four of the metalic ones and we love them except when we accidentally sit on them with shorts on - yikes cold. Your kitchen is looking great..and thanks for the tutorial on the crown at the top of the cabinets..we still haven't tackled that yet..

  8. I just received my 2 super cool stools from the same place and I absolutely love them! I also don't care for the "knock-off" term, I call them replicas!


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