Sunday, October 18, 2009

Decorating With Burlap Garland

I decided to gussy up my 3 year old fall wreath since jumping on the burlap bandwagon. I really love the natural texture it provides. I found this burlap garland at Michael's and have loved it! Can't you just imagine it tied on a pine wreath or running through a Christmas tree.....and we could add some pine cones...OK I need to focus.
OK, now you are probably asking yourself: Did she really need to take this many pictures of the same wreath? Probably not but...that is just how fun this stuff is....I didn't even take off my aging plaid bow...I just put the fresh burlap love-bow on!
I actually like seeing some of the plaid peeking around....I hope aging plaid bow isn't offended...don't worry are still right up there with with checks and stripes with me....this whole burlap thing is gonna blow over....

Here's the left

to the right,

OK, last one, well, except for the mosaic at the end.....

Now, on to the second project.....This lantern is ginormus, it is 42'''s glass is broken and some of the sides are bent (it came in damaged at work), I brought it home thinking I could do something with it.

First, I put a 12'' terra cotta pot in the bottom

(Sorry, blurry picture)

I knew I wanted to use a pumpkin, and I needed something to put in the pot to hold it up, I thought a plate would work and it did....It's working so well that now it's stuck in there (crooked, may I add) and short of breaking it, it's what I'm using...

I must have got caught up in the moment because I forgot to pause and take pictures of the during, because we jump straight to the final result. I used sunflowers, berry garland, and birch and maple leaves...and of course the burlap.
It ties up just as well as ribbon, although not wired, it's not bad...

For Halloween, I decided to use an electric jack-o-lantern, after Halloween I'll put the pumpkin in for Thanksgiving

Thanks for coming by! Hope you are inspired!


  1. Michelle, hands down this is one of the cutest fall projects I've seen! I adore your lanterna and pumpkin, and girl, you know how to fluff a wreath like crazy! Loving that burlap bow. I would love to have this whole deal at my house. It's just the cutest!

    Happy Met Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. I love what you did with the lantern and the wreath is so pretty. I need to update my fall wreath. I do have a small lantern. You have inspired me to add a little bow and flowers to the top. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that you added burlap to the wreath and that lantern is amazing. It all turned out really pretty.



  4. Hi, Michelle! Wow, these are gorgeous! That burlap garland was definitely a good find...its so versatile. I'm wondering if I should run to my Michaels tonight and see if they have it;) What a great update to the wreath.

    That lantern is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! I'm so glad you rescued it from your work. I have a slight thing with lanterns...but I usually just leave mine plain. I'd never thought to decorate the outside of it like that - thanks for the inspiration, its so pretty!

    Great to meet you, thanks for stopping by my blog today too:)

  5. Love the wreath but the lantern is fabulous!!! Love the transformation from bent and broken to belle of the ball!!!
    Such a nice display on your porch.

  6. Great job Michelle ! Your entry way sparkles with creativity !

  7. Very pretty! Don't you just love fall? I still have to post about my fall decorating :-)

  8. Burlap adds such a great touch to the wreath and the lantern is precious and has so many possibilities. You will have such a good time with it.

  9. Loving this!!!! Love the burlap, looks great in the wreath and I actually think that plaid bow is happy for the company!

    That lantern is huge! LOVE IT!!! And again the sunflowers and burlap are the bomb!!!

    This looks sooooo good!

    Lou Cinda :)

  10. The wreath and the lantern are both just wonderful. I still havn't used the burlap. Guess I better get with it. I really like all of the pretty flowers and other floral you used in both arrangements. They really are stunning. Hugs, Marty

  11. I am amazed at that lantern. You really had a vision for that one, and it works! The wreath looks great too.


  12. LOVE IT!!! The lantern is fabulous!

  13. Cutie patootie! I saw that jute garland stuff and was sorely tempted, but my Michaels budget was already blown. Next time, though, I'm so getting some and stringing it everywhere...even over the toilets. Scratch that.
    Hey, thanks for stopping over at my place!

  14. I love it!! You did such a wonderful job. It looks so pretty..
    Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime.

  15. Your Halloween decor is beautiful! I love the wreath and the burlap makes it. Well done!

  16. The whole Halloween assembly is so unique and well crafted. I'll look forward to see how you repurpose the lantern frame after the holiday.
    And thanks for stopping by to see my new kitchen.

  17. I love the burlap in the wreath! I am going to have to add some to my fall wreath. It goes so well with the sunflowers. I have a thing for lanterns too. Your idea is adorable.
    Thanks for sharing! I gotta go find me some burlap!

  18. Love the burlap...what a creative addition to all of your fall goodies!!!

    Your front entry looks so pretty and ready for the season!!!


  19. Wow, who knew burlap could be so looks great on the wreath and I'm glad you didn't remove the old plaid bow.
    The lantern/pumpkin is fantastic!

  20. I just love the burlap on the wreath and on the lantern, you are right, so just perfect for the season, I may have to copy that for next year....

  21. Michelle, the burlap ribbon and what you have done with it on the wreath and the lantern is just sooooooo cute!!! Love the lantern. You have inspired me with yet one more project!!! :)

  22. Oh wow!! I've seen a lot of fall wreaths this year and this one is by far my favorite!! It is gorgeous and I absolutely love the way you design you bows!

    Happy Met Monday!

  23. Wow, both great projects! That garland is fabulous, I bought something similar but it is more narrow and I can't wait to use it on something. You are very talented, thanks for sharing & also stopping by my blog!

  24. Really love it, so pretty. Like the pumpkin in the lantern alot!!
    Linda Q

  25. Beautiful. I love the lantern with the pumkin in it- great idea.

  26. I love that lantern!!! Would you possibly offer up your source for it?

  27. Hi Holly, I've had that lantern for a long time...I am racking my brain trying to remember, but I can't :( so sorry!

  28. What color paint is used in this dinning room? I simply love the whole décor of this room!

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you. If I remember correctly, it's Old Gold from Valspar....of course it's not this color anymore.

  29. What type of base did you use to construct your Fall wreath? I love it! Thank you.


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