Monday, January 11, 2010

Design Idea File

Do you have a design idea file? I have both a virtual design file and a literal one. The virtual one is a lot easier to "file things" but I still like the good ole' fashion cutting pictures out of magazines. I will admit though the magazines are becoming fewer and the cutting even less....on to the web I go in search of pictures of what style I can possible pin down and make my own. I'm not sure if pictures are going to help me, but it seems to help me narrow the gap in figuring out what I like. (I have scanned these pictures from Traditional Home and Aidan Gray Home to enlarge)

Take this room for example....there are a lot of elements I like about this room, not all, but a lot. The furniture is divine, I love the color and mix of pattern. I love the zebra rug, I personally think that it adds a lot zing to this room.

Do you want to know what I don't like about the room or is that too critical? Ok, I'll tell you, and I'll be gentle...

I dislike the little valance thingys and think that the straight panels would have been sufficient, oh, and I'm not crazy about the bookcase, which is obviously the focal point, whoops!

Now I love everything about this vignette. The fabric on that chair is really wonderful, not to mention the style of the piece. The table, lamp and silk drapes are poetry....I could see myself reading a good book and sitting my hot cup of coffee right on that table...yep. I can see it.

What I like about this kitchen is the brown, black and cream color pallet, the subway tile, the carrera marble, the island stools, and that cute little polka dot pitcher! I think that the lamps are a bit much, perhaps that is just styling for the magazine, but some vintage pendant lights hanging over that island would be awesome, or maybe they thought that too predictable. Honestly, the task of hiding the cords would probably drive me insane.

In this scan, I love the color of the wall and the use of the louver doors. That long pillow looks great too...yes, I see napping to be done here!

I love a lot of the elements of this room, the barn board ceiling treatment, the color pallet again, the mix of color and pattern, really great. Here I like the bookshelves and I could put those to good use! For some reason, what throws the whole room for me, is the brass pot with the dried hydrangeas, not sure about that...hello 1980!

Love the graphic nature of the wall art here. The tufted linen slipper chair is amazing and can you love the modern shade on the architectural lamp any more? Nope. Didn't think so.

Love this whole kitchen...

Ok, from just these seven pictures, I think it's safe to say I like:

-Cream, brown, black, and grey color pallet

-Mixing of fabrics, textures and pattern

-graphic elements

-architectural pieces

-seemingly, tufting {who knew?}

Yes, I believe I could do my whole house with these elements and be perfectly, wonderfully, elated!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Michelle,
    These colors draw me in as well! I love the huge island in the kitchen! Great ideas!
    Dee Dee

  2. I'm thinking about painting my daughter's bedroom (which is now my office-with her day bed) dark brown. Our molding is all white...and I think I'd love the look. It isn't a large room, and I don't want to close it in too much...the rest of the house has medium taupe walls. Her room is dark teal (her choice) and I'm ready to change it.

    I'm off to dump my hydrangeas!

  3. Michelle,
    Love all the pictures, the rooms look so inviting, warm and comfortable, and we all could use more of that in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  4. that was a fun diversion! i had a chest filled with cut out pics for decades... then the puppies ate off the handles to the drawers, threw 3 drawers to the wind and ate every single thing i had once saved...

    oh well, long live the net!

  5. I've been tearing out magazine pages for a week, trying to get things organized and pared down around here. I guess January just tends to bring that out in us.


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