Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tray Table Transcendental

I have a thing for trays. They are useful for carrying, holding and displaying. Love 'em! So when I spied what looked to me like an over-sized tray at the GW, I scooped it up. I later discovered it is the top to a tray table, but for six bucks, who needs legs?

I'm not a cherry girl, but I loved the shape and function of this tray and the hardware was really neat.
I initially thought that I would take the entire piece apart, but Justin suggested that I just tape off the hardware, I did, and it proved to be a lot easier. I sometimes make things harder than they have to be...speaking of which, I used a spray primer and a spray paint and it was so super easy, I'm usually a paint-with-the-brush kind of gal...but spraying was the way to go in this project. Note to self: just because you took the easy spray paint road doesn't make a project any less pretty, just less time consumming!I really like how all the sides lay down
I cleaned the piece really well with degreaser and used Zinsser's 1-2-3-Primer to seal everything
I used Krylon Satin Ivory for a top coat and gently sanded the edges for a less than perfect look.

I accessorized it on the buffet for now, but I would love to see it on the ottoman, or maybe with breakfast being bed (hint, hint Justin!)
I like the edges distressed, just like me...
You are probably thinking I need some color in my life, but I am finding a monochromatic pallet very soothing to me right now...

It probably won't last long, I know me, spring will be here before long and I'll be craving all the color that comes with it

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you're inspired!
I'll let you know if the breakfast in bed thing works out! :)

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  1. Fabulous job!
    I really like the hardware, too.

  2. That tray looks so much better painted. Great job. Of course your accessorizing it is perfect!!!

  3. Michelle,
    No color needed here! Looks fantastic! Great find and wonderful redo!... Dee Dee

  4. Just gorgeous. I love tray tables, and you have redone yours to perfection. Hugs, Marty

  5. Beautiful tray table. Hope you get that breakfast in bed.

  6. Beautiful transformation. Very clever!!!

  7. That's gorgeousness right there. :) Wish I could be spraypainting...nother 2-3 months before it'll be back in the 50's

    Thanks for linking again to Mi4M. Always love to see what you've been up to, and drool over your amazing photography.

  8. I think this is a great tray. Looks wonderful.

  9. I think it turned out beautifully. We are in the process of refinishing a cherry chest and dresser that belonged to my grandparents. Cherry isn't my thing either, but they were the perfect size and shape for our space (and they were stored in the basement). My husband is one of those "you don't paint quality wood" type people. They are actually turning out to be prettier than I expected.

  10. I too love a subdued color palette, pretty much year round. Although, I am going to paint my laundry closet turquoise! :-)

  11. Very nice! You did a great job with accessorizing - something I am not good with.
    Love the tray..


  12. I love this! It looks beautiful! And I really love the way you arranged all your pieces on it! Gorgeous.

  13. Good luck with breakfast! Love the tray.

  14. Yes, I'm inspired. The tray is really neat and looks so good painted!

  15. I love it, great paint job and what a wonderful GW find.

  16. LOVE this tray, it's the neatest shape!

  17. What fun! I have the same table top (with the legs) that I found and painted white. Now I'm thinking I may just need to use it as a tray instead.

  18. Such an awesome idea! I wanted to let you know how much you inspired me. I pretty much "copied" what you did and posted about it. Take a look at my blog, and tell me what ya think?


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