Friday, January 8, 2010

Winterizing and Accessorizing!

It is definitely winter around here! Hope everyone has had a great first week of 2010!

I'm linking up with Melissa @ The Inspired Room for Winter tips for your home

What better way to winterize your home, than with winter accessories!

In this case, I used what I call my snowy branches, in a tall white glass vase, that just suggest winter without being over the top. I also like using suggestive artwork, like the winter tree print. I keep color to a minimum, and use a lot of white and black. The other artwork, in black and white, is a glimpse of the seasons ahead...

Another winter tree print and more white vases. I love the driftwood and manzanita branch, just more natural elements to add texture.

I love using snapshots of my boys as an art installation, repeating the frames make a big impact. These are 12X12 floating frames, I cut white card stock for the matting and printed these right here at home. Nothing super expensive.

Thanks for stopping by to see my tips on winterizing your home!

Thank you Melissa for hosting!


  1. Just beautiful, I love it! Thanks for sharing! ~Liz

  2. Very pretty!
    Love all the pictures!

  3. Love the look, I really like that slight bit of color coming from the tree print.


  4. This looks fabulous. Using your boys' photos was a great idea.

    Now I am inspired.


  5. Where did you get your white branches? I'm trying to collect some from my yard, but it's too cold to spray paint.

    Lovely vignette, and the family images in matching frames is perfect.

  6. I like the subtle suggestions of winter that you've displayed, much better than a bunch of snowmen! Your boys are so cute and I like your photography wall. My son (now 21) is named Logan too!


  7. I love seeing elements of your home. Always so classy-looking!

  8. LOVE THIS! Such a great the subtle layering of soft color and texture...I definitely agree that keeping things black and white with some minimum color is a perfect way to a winter look that's elegant and sophisticated. You nailed it:)

  9. I just found your blog and I really like it! You are an amazing photographer! Your pictures are what really drew me in!

  10. Gorgeous!

    I've kept pine cones around my house and I think I'll be adding some branches as well now :)


  11. love those little twisty branches...such fun to add the textures! thanks for linking! :-)


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