Friday, January 27, 2012

Clothespin Art

Even after re-doing everything in the laundry room, I still ended up with a blank wall. With all the budget used up, I decided to make something with things I had around the house.
You'll need two 12x12 canvases, clothes pins, and get your hot glue gun fired up too.

I also had the old fashion type of clothespin and craftpins too. Justin's grandma was editing some of her craft supplies and naturally they came to me, so I had these in my stash (she use to make those little angels with the crochet dresses with these).

I thought I'd do a circle and a square, although I think that the circle ended up looking like a sunflower. I left the canvas (it came pre-primed) and the clothespins natural. Alternating the craft pins, clothespins and adding in some new ones too, just run a line of glue on the back and eyeball it.
I did find center, and used one of the 'stands' that the craftpins come with for the center

I had some lattice pieces out in the garage left over from the the Chain Link Dresser, so I added a couple of strips to the sides, not all four though (I didn't have quite enough ;).

The square one is made with all new clothespins and I just alternated the pattern.

Modern art with a household item!

It can't get any easier than this!

I hope you are inspired to create some mod clothespin art too!

Have a great weekend! Joining Jen

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  1. These are very cute...what a great idea!

  2. Adorable!!! You are just too creative!

  3. What a clever idea and the clothes pins tie in so nicely with a laundry you get to use the grandmother's pins...great job!


  4. Great idea and looks perfect in there!

  5. I am loving your redo! Not sure which part I *love* the most, but I found it funny that my husband knew which utility room redo I was referring to when I started telling him about it (again) tonite!!

  6. These are so creative. I have a bag of clothes pins and all I've even seen done with them are crochet projects. I love your project!

  7. So CUTE!! You should sell these in your store!

  8. These are adorable! I just need to get the laundry room done! I'm stalled at the moment. I love how yours turned out.

  9. Oh boy! Do you ever fail at anything!?!? Just kidding. This is just awesome...I love it.

  10. Your "make do with whatcha got" art is just the cutest and smartest idea! Wish I could be that clever at whipping up fantastic things like this. I would like to invite you to show these or anything else at my Your Cozy Home Party on Tuesday. I have been searching for talented women to join in the fun and share their great projects. Anything pertaining to the home that is not for sale is great. Hope you can come!!----- Shannon

  11. This is so cute!!
    Love it, had to pin it (of course).
    Your laundry room redo is such a treat to follow along.

  12. How cute! And simple, love it!

  13. I love this! Very cute! I will be keeping this in mind for when we do our laundry room!

  14. Very cool. Love how these turned out!


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