Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How I Spent My Homegoods Giftcards

Hi everyone! I am back from St. Louis, doctor appointments out of the way, I did some picking for my booth space and spent my Homegoods gift cards. An all around productive trip. My MIL always goes with me, so we have a lot of fun on our little trips. Just in case you don't remember, I won Kate's Tablescape contest back in December. I won $100 to spend at Homegoods. Well, I've been holding on to those puppies for a while and finally spent them up on this trip.

My MIL took all these pictures for me, and believe me the employees thought we were a little crazy. Finally, one of them asked what the heck we were doing, so I had to explain how I won, and now we are here, and how I wanted to blog about it....blah blah blah....don't they understand I just couldn't spend up the gift cards and not BLOG about it! Blank stares, then "Oh".

I purposely waited for my trip to St. Louis because it's a ginormous city, which means the stores are stocked really well. Big city=More selection. Of course, as I am looking through these pictures, you can see the colors that I'm drawn too...I'm even wearing the colors I like, I didn't even realize it. (aqua, grey, orange....etc). I liked a lot of items in the store, and I could have spent more than the gift cards (that's why they do those sorts of things after all) but I had to save my real money for picking.

This dining chair caught my eye and I liked the chrome swing arm lamp too..good job pairing modern and traditional!

Of course I couldn't go to Homegoods with out going through the extensive dinnerware section, I really like this navy and white ikat-ish dinner plate and salad plate. I was thisclose to buying those, but they didn't have a setting for six, which I wanted.

Aisle after aisle of lamps, I'm surprised I didn't select one or two of them.

I like these euro sized pillows, the fabric reminded me of the Thomas Paul fabric.

I ultimately ended up with this ginormous urn and it's smaller brother. I envision them on my mantle for sure.

Artwork is another strong area for Homegoods, the current trend of canvas art, present and accounted for...I liked what that smaller one in front says....if you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail. How true is that?? One of you graphic artist need to make a printable of that saying so I can pin it. :)

Other artwork I liked, I love poppies.

More pillows, the orange caught my eye.

Yes, I am this goofy, you can't take me anywhere.

I really like this orchid pot too, on top of the list, but didn't make the cut.

They also had great rugs, and huge too. Prices for the 9X12's a mere $300.00, not bad at all.

Great colorways, great starts for any room.

These little wire occasional tables were really cute, and in several colors.

So I came home with some great new accessories, and oh yeah, a cutting board (I needed a new one). I'm really grateful for being chosen as the winner, I had a great time shopping!

Thanks for all the comments on my laundry room, I was offline until today so I'm just now getting to your emails and questions. Thanks for your support!

I was really nervous about putting so much of ME out there in this post, but I'm trying to be a little more fearless, like Tobi said; "What do you have to lose?" Love that girl.

Look for a post specifically about the flooring in the laundry room soon! See you then!

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  1. Congratulations on your gift card win! It looks like you had a great time shopping. I love gift cards because they are just full of possibilities. Unfortunately, no one wants to shop with me when I have them, though, because possibilities = indecision + extra long shopping sessions!

  2. Funny, I just got back from a HomeGoods visit! I have those oversize pillows in my family room. The kids love to flop on them on the floor to watch movies. I've also been eyeing those urns for my mantle. Now I'm thinking I should have picked them up!

  3. sure looks like you had fun spending that gift card! Love your finds. I can mill around Home Goods for hours and get totally lost in all the possibilities!

  4. So glad you had fun on your shopping exciting that you won a gift card to HOME GOODS!!! I have only been once & had my hubby in tow & we were in a hurry but have my hear set on going back someday soon. The closest one to us is about two hours away:( I could spend the day in there I am sure! Love your purchases!

  5. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my pocketbook) the closest Home Goods is in Birmingham about 1 1/2 hrs away! I saw so many things you showed I love....especially that big euro turquoise pillow! Since my son lives in B'ham and close to the Home Goods, I think a trip is in order!!


  6. Ooh, I love that pillow. I live by a Home Goods in the STL suburbs but there's one in Kirkwood that has a much bigger selection so I'll need to visit that one (and the Dunkin Donuts nearby). Cute finds!

  7. I was just there today. Wish I had a gift card to spend!

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  9. Great use of those giftcards, we saw your Tweet about this blog post as well. Congratulations on those spectacular urns!


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