Thursday, December 8, 2011

Old World Christmas {Tablescape}

Hi and welcome to an Old World Christmas! It's no trouble pulling different looks together at this time of year, I love so many!

This tablescape came together relatively easy, practically by itself. I was pulling linens and dishes out because I had grand ideas of going outside to create a tablescape but the weather just didn't cooperate. I think the freezing temps and wind chill of winter have officially arrived. :)

I pulled my lantern knowing I wanted that as a centerpiece. While it would have fit wholly on my rustic table outside, it's a little snug on the dining room table (oh well). The lantern really set the tone and I came up with a name right away (you name your tablescapes too right?)

I have had a couple of 'old world' figures for years now, and they really look at home. This is the snowman, with his not-quite-white snow, red scarf and broom.

and the Santa with his toy bag and lantern staff.

The glassware I chose, you've seen before, but probably my favorite.

I've had my linen runner on the table for a while now, I'm really glad I went ahead and made it. It sets a neutral background for everything.

Little Christmas tree s-n-p shakers, love these, and love that they were inexpensive.

I put a wreath around the base of the lantern and I did a little doohickey on the flue. I showed you how to embellish a lantern for Fall, so here is a Christmas version. The doodad would have been a little more involved had I not used the wreath, so a little bit of berries, webbing and candy canes did the trick.

I was inspired to use the webbing after seeing it in the PB catalogue and it goes so well with this look! I didn't even look at the price in the catalogue, I just trotted my butt down to Walmart and got a couple of yards of chair webbing. I think it's around a dollar per yard {I think} I can't quite remember. At any rate, it's got a great look to it and not any harder to use than burlap ribbon, there just isn't any wire.

I found these holly berry plates a couple of years ago at a antique store, although the stamp on the bottom that says 'Home' next to the Target symbol leads me to believe they are not antique. :) But I guess they will be eventually. My twiggy chargers look nice under them.

I recently found a couple of fun plaid runners at Dollar General and used them across the table. That is a fun alternative to placemats. The captain's chair layout looks a little different, I even used wooden chargers instead too.

For the napkin rings, I used tiny grapevine wreaths and snipped little red berries apart and wove them around. The celery green napkins are casually folded on the ring.

So while this would have looked so fitting outdoors, it's not too shabby inside.

Thanks so much for stopping by I hope you're inspired!

I will be sharing a fun paper craft with you tomorrow, see you then!

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  1. Very beautiful, traditional tablescape. I love the plaid tablerunners and everything looks wonderful.

  2. Your table is gorgeous. I love the woodsy feeling and yet it is so elegant. Beautiful all throughout!...Christine

  3. You table is beautiful. Love those red plates and the wicker chargers. Very pretty.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  4. The bit about the "antique" plates made me laugh!

  5. Love! (Just featured your DIY snow globes on my blog this morning! Love those :)

  6. Really beautiful -- Now I am inspired to do something colorful in my kitchen!

  7. This is so beautiful. My dining room chairs are similar to yours but mine are black--I'm loving the white so much I may just repaint them. Gorgeous decor!

  8. I love the lantern as a centerpiece. I always look at them in the stores and I've yet to buy one. I do have an old, red one out on my porch. The table is just perfect...festive and warm!

  9. Very pretty Michelle! I especially love how you placed the napkins through mini grapevine wreaths. What a great idea!

  10. OMG Michelle the idea of using the chair webbing is pure genius and it looks fabulous with the rustic look you were after with your table. I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Michelle, this is a fabulous table. I know that it would have looked amazing outside, but inside it's perfect too. Your red plates are so pretty. Love love the lantern and the bow out of the chair webbing! Love your snowman and the santa too. It's so perfect!! xo marlis

  12. So beautiful! Your pictures are truly stunning.

  13. I love this sweet table! The twiggy chargers,the plaids, the greenery and lanterns all of it!
    I have always been drawn to the homey and rustic look, this is inspiring!

  14. It came together very well. Doohickies and doodads can really enhance a setting!

  15. This is so pretty! I love how you decorated the lantern and the napkins.

  16. Oh my gosh! just came across your blog and LOVE it!! I'm am such a fan of rustic decor and love your table! Where did you get the wicker chargers? They are a must have:)

  17. Thank you so much everyone!
    The chargers are from a store called Nell Hill's which is a store in Kansas City, MO and Atchison, KS. I do believe they are sold online though too.

  18. Michelle, your tablescapes are always stunning! Love them all. I featured a few on my blog, hope you don't mind, I did linked back to you!
    Wishing you Merry Christmas!


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